We were saddened to learn that Inger (Dietrichson) Stene passed away in Toronto on May 28, 2020, at age 102.   Inger was born in Norway. During World War II, she worked with the Norwegian Resistance fighting the country’s Nazi occupiers, until she was forced to flee to Sweden to avoid capture.

After the war, Inger married John Magne Stene.  John had been an officer and pilot with the Royal Norwegian Air Force, winning the Distinguished Flying Cross for acts of valour during active operations.

Inger and John moved to Toronto, Ontario, in 1956, where Inger worked at the University of Toronto for many years.  John predeceased Inger in 2008.

Inger is survived by her step-daughters Sheila Stene and Kristin Basso; her son-in-law Guido Basso; and their half-sisters, Vanessa and Katharine Vansittart.

Here is a link to Inger’s obituary, which appeared in the Globe & Mail newspaper on June 6, 2020:


On a personal note, Inger generously shared her wartime memories with me, while I was writing Exile Air.  She was an elegant, wise, and charming lady. May she rest in peace.

(Photo of John and Inger Stene at Little Norway Memorial, Muskoka Airport, 2007.)













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