We would like to congratulate Kaare Nevdal of Rockford, Illinois,  on his 100th birthday, October 9, 2020!

Kaare was born near Bergen, Norway, in 1920.  After the Nazis invaded Norway during World War II, Kaare escaped to Britain and enlisted there in the Royal Norwegian Air Force.  He was sent to “Little Norway” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for training as a radio operator and air gunner.  It was at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto where Kaare met his future wife, Muriel Jones.  

Kaare was transferred back to Britain as a member of a Norwegian squadron of the British Royal Air Force.  At first, he was stationed in Iceland, flying missions in Northrops and Catalinas over the North Sea.   The squadron subsequently transferred to Scotland, where they operated Sunderlands until the war ended. 

Post-war, Kaare and Muriel lived in Norway for a time, before immigrating to Rockford, Illinois, in 1948.

We at Old Stone Books hope that Kaare has a very happy 100th birthday, with many more to come!

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