Good Books for Summer Reading

By Glenn Perrett


Exile Air: World War II’s “Little Norway” in Toronto and Muskoka

Andrea Baston, photography and photographic editing by Candis Jones,
Old Stone Books

2017, 240 pages
ISBN: 9780992090326

Exile Air: World War II’s “Little Norway” in Toronto and Muskoka is a well-researched and interesting book by Andrea Baston that “…tells a true, inspiring story from Canada’s and Norway’s history – that of camp Little Norway and of the young recruits who trained there.” Baston’s book covers the Norwegian recruits who came to Canada during WWII, following the invasion of Norway by Germany, and joined the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNAF) where a flight training camp was first located in Toronto and later near Gravenhurst, Ontario at the Muskoka Airport. The recruits had escaped their homeland returning later as “Little Norway’s” airmen flying in squadrons of Britain’s Royal Air Force.

At the beginning of the book is a “Timeline” beginning with April 9, 1940 when Germany invades Norway and Denmark and ending with the official opening of “Little Norway Memorial, Muskoka Airport.”

The informative book covers the invasion, the establishing of an air training centre in Toronto for exiled Norwegian airmen, the centre’s move to Muskoka Airport, Dieppe, life at Little Norway – and lots more.

It’s important to learn about local history and wars and Exile Air provides an interesting look at both. Complementing the fascinating text are excellent black-and-white photos throughout the book!

Note: Another very good book by Andrea Baston covering local history is Curing Tuberculosis in Muskoka. You can find out more about this book and Exile Air at

From, May 25, 2018.

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