Book of the Month — Exile Air:
World War II’s “Little Norway” in Toronto and Muskoka

After Germany invaded Norway during World War II, Norway has been left overwhelmed; but the government, treasury and many citizens make it to the UK. By June 1940 arrangements are made to establish a Norwegian air training plan in Canada where “Little Norway” is established at Toronto Island Airport. With almost a hundred aircraft initially assigned — Curtiss P-36 fighters included — young Norwegian exiles came to the “Little Norway” training camps in Toronto and Muskoka, keen to learn flight skills and return to battle the Germans overseas.

All the details about planning, contracts, administration, training, housing, sports, social life in Toronto and — sad to say —  accidents are part of this outstanding book, including the expected growing pains and how Little Norways dovetailed with the BCATP. Many personal profiles (based on in-depth research and interviews) are interwoven and everything is carefully covered to war’s end, including important events such as unveiling the commemorative monuments in Toronto and Muskoka. This book is one of the most important Canadian aviation stories in recent years, and is not to be missed.

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