Candis Jones and I are deeply honoured to receive Distinguished Fellowships from the Norway Canada Institute of Huntington University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

The Fellowships were awarded in recognition of “Distinguished Contributions to Norwegian-Canadian Military History,” through our book Exile Air: World War II’s ‘Little Norway’ in Toronto and Muskoka.

As the author of Exile Air, I am fully aware of the historic and allied relationship between Canada and Norway. I am deeply honoured that my writings about “Little Norway,” the Royal Norwegian Air Force training base, which was established during WWII in Toronto and Muskoka, have been recognized by the Norway Canada Institute.¬† I commend Dr. Kevin McCormick,¬†President and Vice-Chancellor, and Huntington University, for their roles in launching the Norway Canada Institute as a means to promote and celebrate our two nations, our shared military history, and the countless contributions made by Canadians and Norwegians across the globe.

Candis Jones, photographer and photographic-editor for Exile Air, notes: “The story of ‘Little Norway’ and the young servicemen and women of the Royal Norwegian Air Force who trained in Canada during WWII is remarkable. It is especially important to my family as my Father in Law, Lieutenant Harald Olafson, was a flight instructor at Little Norway. I’d like to thank the Norway Canada Institute for focusing on important stories, such as this one, which bring into focus the ties that bind both nations together. Canada and Norway have a long history of cooperation, and it’s inspiring to see positive stories from both countries, along with the outstanding contributions of individuals and groups, being promoted at an international level.”


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