Books (USA)

Exile Air: World War II’s “Little Norway” in Toronto and Muskoka

The remarkable story of “Little Norway,” and the courageous young Norwegians who trained there during World War II.

Gravenhurst Early Days Early Ways

Gravenhurst: Early Days, Early Ways

Gravenhurst’s first 40 years involved lumbering, wildly successful while the trees lasted. A dash of agriculture failed, except for feeding the tree cutters. The railway’s arrival in 1875 provided an alternative to steamboats and encouraged tourism. Follow the evolution of a pioneering industrial community on the Canadian Shield.


Curing Tuberculosis in Muskoka: Canada’s First Sanatoria

This is the story of Canada’s first tuberculosis sanatorium, built in Gravenhurst at the turn of the 20th century, and four other sanatoria which followed it–all fighting a killer disease.