Dr. Walter Kendall and wife, Lucie Kendall, in front. Una Baston in rear.

Eighty years ago, Dr. Walter Kendall, physician-in-chief at the Muskoka Hospital, a tuberculosis sanatorium in Gravenhurst, purchased this 24 foot long wooden Greavette boat. 

This past summer, I had the great privilege of cruising on Lake Joseph in this same boat, along with two of Dr. Kendall’s granddaughters, as guests of the boat’s owners Pete and Helen Little of Toronto and Muskoka. Now named the Marjenca, the boat has been beautifully and lovingly restored. Thanks to Pete and Helen for such a thrilling ride on the boat’s 80th anniversary!

Pete and Helen Little in “Marjenca.”
Dr. Kendall’s granddaughters, Barb Robillard and Cynthia Percival, enjoy the ride.

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