Rolf Motzfeldt Kolling, Spitfire pilot, 1921-2018

Sadly, one of the last Spitfire pilots who trained at Little Norway has passed away. Rolf Motzfeldt Kolling died on January 27, 2018, at his home in Lysaker, Norway.

Rolf served as a member of Norwegian Squadron 332 of the British Royal Air Force during World War II. He flew many missions over occupied Europe, and took part in the D-Day invasion. After the war, Rolf had a long career as a pilot for SAS airlines.

Rolf was a true gentleman, one who was always generous in sharing his wartime memories with me when I was researching “Exile Air.” He was predeceased by his wife, Karin. Rolf will be greatly missed by his daughters, their families, and his many friends.

Thanks to the Muskoka Steamship and Historical Society!

It was a pleasure to speak about “Exile Air” at the Muskoka Steamship and Historical Society on January 28th! Thanks to Mary Storey and the Society’s members for their warm welcome on a cold winter’s day!